Some features of ChaosVoid.com

Groups each with individual forums and activity walls. Create your own groups on ChaosVoid.com






Free WordPress websites. Create your own completely customizable website on chaosvoid.com as a subdomain. For example, http://yourguildname.chaosvoid.com





Your own personal profile with a personal activity wall with Mentions, Favorites, Friends List, Groups List, Notifications, Friends, Groups, Forums, Settings, and more.




  • Activity – Activity feed┬áreminiscent of twitter and facebook.
  • Gallery – Upload and share images to your friends and the world.
  • Profile – Featured user profiles
  • Notifications – Get updates when your friends, groups, forums, and more post new content
  • Messages – Send and receive messages from your friends on ChaosVoid.com
  • Friends – Add and Remove friends, Friendship Requests.
  • Groups – Create groups for the topic of your interest with their own forums and profile pages that anyone and/or your friends can join.
  • Forums – Forums for discussing the latest on the greatest of whatever gaming thing.
  • Free WordPress Websites – The ability to create your own fully CSS customizable WordPress website on ChaosVoid.com, Over 250 templates for you to choose from! Create a blog, forum, gallery, on any topic! Get a free website for your gaming clan or your drone hobby or more!
    1. Auto Post – Auto cross post from your website to your Facebook profile or group and Twitter. Post on your website here and it auto cross-posts to facebook and twitter! Get more visitors to your site with facebook pages.
    2. Statistics – See how many visitors your site is receiving and what pages and blog posts are your most popular.